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Dynamic diagram of standard wearing protective clothing

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Dynamic diagram of standard wearing protective clothing

Enter the cleaning area, wear close fitting clothes, light shoes and fix the bun.

01、Hand hygiene.

Process of wearing personal protective equipment

02、Wear disposable hats. Wear the hat until the hair and ears are wrapped. 

Standard video of wearing and taking off protective clothing

03、Wear a medical protective mask.

Hold the outer side of the mask with one hand and keep the mask close to the face. With the other hand, pull the lower lace up to the back of the neck and under the ears, and pull the upper lace up to the top of the head. Be careful not to press the ears with the lace up. Shaping. Conduct air tightness test. If the mask is polluted or wet during use, it should be replaced in time.

Flow chart of wearing personal protective equipment



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